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Preventative and general maintenance 

Engine oil change

Regular oil changes, Belt replacements, tune-ups can all help prevent costly future repairs and keep your vehicle running longer. 


Brake pads rotor caliper

Disc and drum brake replacement, Brake lines, Brake Fluid Flushes, and ABS repairs. We service your vehicle's braking system to make sure everything is working properly. 

Muffler and Exhaust 

We offer muffler, tail pipe, catalytic converter and flex pipe repair or replacement. We can take care of that loud exhaust and get your vehicle running quiet and more efficient down the road. 

Check Engine light and Emissions

check engine light

Failed Emissions? We can Fixit! We have the equipment and knowledge to repair your check engine light problems to pass your emission test. 


Volt meter wiring electrical

Our technicians are experts at analyzing and testing your vehicles electrical system. Whether it be a faulty module or bad wire. 

Steering, suspension, and drivability

Clunks and rattles? We can Fixit! We can diagnosis your drivability problems and service your suspension and steering. Shocks, Struts, Tie Rods, Control arms, Lateral arms, balljoints, Sway Bar End links and more. 

Air conditioning Services

Air conditioning service R134a refrigerant machine

Beat the Heat! Our A/C specialists can find and repair your A/C system leaks, whether it be your lines, evaporator, or compressor. 

Diesel Repair

Diesel engine repair

We service and repair Diesel engines! We do everything from Regular maintenance like oil changes to glow plugs and head gaskets. 

Cooling system 

Maintaining your vehicles cooling system. Radiator hoses, thermostats, water pumps, and radiators. We can find your coolant leak and repair it. 

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